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CONVENTION TIME!: Comic-Con International 2012

It’s July, which means San Diego Comic-Con International! Madness, crowds, noise, people, comics, movies, tv shows, video games…it’s a beast of a show and a part of me wonders, every year, “why do I do this, exactly?”. But I will

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Summer 2012 Update: “Stuff Said”, SpongeBob, Spider-Man and MORE!

Here’s what’s new and/or exciting: “Stuff Said”, my podcast, has been going for one year as of today. A year ago today the first episode, part one of my talk with Chris Giarrusso, took the podcast world by storm. One

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Anatomy of a Convention Sketch: Spider-Man v. Batman

This past weekend at the Emerald City Comic-Con I had a bit of foresight and did what I could to document a sketch-in-progress. Admittedly, this started more as a bit of show-off-ery after a conversation with Jason Howard the night

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Convention Time! – EMERALD CITY COMICON 2012

Hey everybody…I’d say convention season was upon us, but at this point conventions run all year long and never seem to stop. But since I don’t go to them all I’m merely gonna talk about the ones I DO attend.

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SpongeBob Comics #6

Another new issue of SPONGEBOB COMICS is available at better comic book stores everywhere. What makes this issue special? There’s an eight-page story drawn AND WRITTEN by me. Also, a nifty cover by Jacob Chabot, with whom I worked on

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SpongeBob Comics #5

An all-new issue of SpongeBob Comics is now available at finer comic shops. This issue includes not only a cover I drew (which doubles as a poster inside the comic), but also nine interior pages illustrated by myself and written

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SpongeBob Comics #4

The new issue of SpongeBob Comics, the fourth, in fact, can be purchased today at better comic shops everywhere. Here’s the cover, drawn by me over a layout by Graham Annable: I also drew 12 interior pages, four of which

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San Diego 2011: Puppets and Podcasts and Pictures-a-Plenty!

Comic-Con International 2011 in San Diego, CA has passed us by, and as in years past, the show is a bear. I survived…and I’d call it successful, but for getting sick on that very last day. Suffice it to say

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San Diego Comic Con 2011 – CONVENTION TIME!

It’s summer. It’s July. And that means it’s time for San Diego Comic-Con International. Yep, it’s Convention Time…and at this year’s Comic-Con you can find me in Artists Alley, table FF-18! Stop buy, have a chat, buy a thing, etc!

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Announcing: “Stuff Said with Gregg Schigiel”

I’ve gone and started a podcast. It’s called “Stuff Said with Gregg Schigiel” and it’s a show of me talking to people in and around the world of comics, cartooning, etc. Where can you learn more and hear it? Right

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