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2013: Year in Review(ish)

I don’t like being one of those folks who remark on their absence from their own sites and updates therein, so I won’t. Instead, here’s some stuff that’s happened this past year that’s occupied my time, but first, check out

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Dr. Kitchenstein Presents: All-Hallow’s Giving 2012 – “Oy Vey, Thanksgiving as Jewish Food”

As explained in a previous post, in 2002 I created a holiday, All-Hallows’ Giving. You can read all about it here, and a recap of the 2010 iteration here (2011 marked the 10th Anniversary of AHG and was marked by

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Dr. Kitchenstein Presents: Chocolate Frankenstein Cake & Bride of Frankenstein Cake

Many years ago I had an idea for a dessert-only restaurant called Mongo’s Cake Bar. I had conceived/imagined of a number of menu items…The Dessert Breakfast, The Cup Cake, Chocolate Cake Mignon, the Grilled Cookie, and the Chocolate Frankenstein Cake.

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Dr. Kitchenstein Presents: AHG 2010 Wrap-Up

This past weekend was All-Hallows’ Giving, my made up holiday commemorated by a gathering of friends and a feast of “frightening” foods. For a longer explanation of the history and origins, click here to read all about it. This year

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Dr. Kitchenstein Presents: Cookie Salad

Some of you have read or heard me talk about All-Hallow’s Giving (and if you haven’t, you can here). But what you might not know is that’s not my only made-up holiday/event/excuse to get creative in the kitchen. For a

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Just over a year ago (1/19/09) I sent in a pitch for an X-Babies mini-series. Tomorrow, 1/27/10, the final issue of that mini-series will hit comic book store shelves. And the world will never be the same! That, or it’ll

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All-Hallows’ Giving

In 2002 I created a holiday. I called it All-Hallows’ Giving.

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Cookbook Idea

I thought of this the other night and am sort of stunned it doesn’t already exist: You know, for when you just want one brownie…or cookie…or cake, without those bothersome leftovers.

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Plugs, Pics, and Pix

Golly Gee, so much going on… Let’s start with some plugs. First, plug-plug for G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS #1, the first issue of an all-new, 5-issue series by my friend and comics’ superstar Chris Giarrusso, who’s best known in comic book

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Dr. Kitchenstein Presents: Brownie-Cookie Pie & Ring Ding Bread Pudding

Sometimes all it takes is a simple question –  “you wanna bring one of your famous desserts?” – to get the brain parts firing (when it comes to food, it doesn’t take much). I have been known, among those who

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