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New Stuff

Just in time for the holidays, all kinds of new stuff: First up, speaking of holidays, a new holiday card for 2007 is up in Pictures. In Comics, under “From What School?”, you’ll find a one-page comic based on a

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Opening the Vault

The vault has been opened! Which is to say there’s now work posted in the Archive section under Pictures. There you’ll find a bunch of comics pages I generated as samples in my efforts to get paying work a whole

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Check the Newness

Check out the newness! I’ve added to the Words section as well as posted stuff in “From What School?” in the Comics section. All that and yet another sketch from Comic-Con in the Pictures section. Gregg.

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Mike Wieringo

This isn’t entirely news, especially to those who keep up with comics industry news, but this past weekend Mike Wieringo passed away, suddenly, at age 44. Mike was an incredible illustrator and cartoonist who was a favorite of mine and

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SDCC 2007 report

Back from Comic-Con in San Diego and the show was incredibly busy and very crowded…but in the end, worth the effort. It’s a good time, but a tough one just the same. As always, it’s great to see old friends

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Welcome to the all-new, just re-launched, now with more stuff! As of this moment, not everything is in place and some areas are still “under construction”…but in those cases I’m working on it and slowly but surely this whole

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