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Wonder Woman Re-Wondered

Yesterday, DC Comics announced and released a new approach and costume design for Wonder Woman. The first appearance of this “new” Wonder Woman is in WONDER WOMAN #600, released today. (New on the left, Traditional on the right) This isn’t

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X-BABIES: While You Wait…

X-BABIES #4, the final issue of the the X-Babies mini-series I’ve gone on and on about lo these past many months, won’t be out yet for another 30 days, on 1/27/2010. That’s 30 days on top of the past three

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X-BABIES #1 Reviews: “This is not a serious comic…”

So X-BABIES #1 has been out for just over a week and reviews have popped up here and there. Some have been formal reviews, others discussions on newsgroups. Reviews tend to range from the “this is fun” to “what’s the

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The October Plan – 2009 Edition

As of today, we’re two weeks away from the release of X-BABIES #1. October 7, 2009. If you haven’t marked your calendars, mark ’em now! But wait, that’s but one piece of the big October ahead. With the release of

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Comics Chatter

RE: COMICS!, a column/conversation about comics with Stephen Mayer over at Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC, is up and rolling, for those who care to read my thoughts on, well, comics. So far there’s been an intro column, a discussion

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Re: Comics!

I met the fine folks from Acme Comics (of Greensboro, NC), last September at the Baltimore Comic Con. At that show we spoke, naturally, of comics. That led to some e-mail exchanges and now, Stephen Mayer (one of the aforementioned

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