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San Diego 2011: Puppets and Podcasts and Pictures-a-Plenty!

Comic-Con International 2011 in San Diego, CA has passed us by, and as in years past, the show is a bear. I survived…and I’d call it successful, but for getting sick on that very last day. Suffice it to say

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Adventure Time!

Apropos of nothing, Adventure Time with Finn & Jake is an incredibly amazing, entertaining series created by Pendleton Ward on Cartoon Network. It recently started it’s second season and if you’re not watching it or haven’t seen it, you’re missing

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Imp or Oaf?

If you have an iPhone and/or iPod touch or any other such device wherein you can play iPhone apps and games, I suggest and recommend you check out “Imp or Oaf?”, available now on the iTunes app store. Why? First,

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Plugs, Pics, and Pix

Golly Gee, so much going on… Let’s start with some plugs. First, plug-plug for G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS #1, the first issue of an all-new, 5-issue series by my friend and comics’ superstar Chris Giarrusso, who’s best known in comic book

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Comics Chatter

RE: COMICS!, a column/conversation about comics with Stephen Mayer over at Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC, is up and rolling, for those who care to read my thoughts on, well, comics. So far there’s been an intro column, a discussion

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