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2013: Year in Review(ish)

I don’t like being one of those folks who remark on their absence from their own sites and updates therein, so I won’t. Instead, here’s some stuff that’s happened this past year that’s occupied my time, but first, check out the newest holiday card for 2013 here.

I’ve been drawing (and writing) SPONGEBOB COMICS, available at better comic shops (and some newsstands, apparently). In May 2014 be sure to go to your local comic shop’s Free Comic Book Day event (the first Saturday in May every year, so in 2014 that’ll be 5/3) and pick up the SpongeBob issue. I wrote, drew and colored a four-page story in there I’m excited about. Here’s a sneak peak:MMBBSneak_01

“Stuff Said”, my podcast, continues apace. This year I had some great talks with great people in comics, as well as this episode, where I tell my story of “breaking in” to the comics industry.

I didn’t do as many convention appearances this year – in fact, this was the first year in 11 years I didn’t attend Comic-Con International in San Diego – but I did attend Comic Book City Con in Greensboro, NC, hosted by the Acme Comics who used the show to celebrate their 30 years in business. At that show I hosted two panels. One was a live recording of an episode of “Stuff Said” (follow the link above). The other was a game show-esque panel called Challenge of the Super Friends, and it was a blast.

This year also marks my first year working almost entirely digitally, which is to say I’ve been working directly on a tablet screen with a stylus pen (a Wacom Cintiq, specifically). The artwork above, for example, exists only as a digital image; there is no hard copy on paper with ink on it. It’s been mostly a great transition.

I participated in my first public cooking/baking experience, The 2013 Brooklyn Cookie Takedown. I made my Cracker Jack cookie (AKA The Jack’d Crack’r) and was honored to receive a judges’ Honorable Mention. JackdCrackrs

Moving forward into 2014, plenty more SPONGEBOB COMICS, including a story I’ve written and and drawn, one involving a mechanical bull-type situation and another concerning a group of pirates playing cards.

I’m tempted at this point to make a list of “things I’ve liked” this year, but that could get pretty long…but maybe I’ll come back and do that another time. I also owe visitors a recap of this year’s All-Hallows’ Giving feast…guess I’ve got my to-do list for next year stacking up already!

More to come…irons in the fire, as it were. Until then!