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Acme Comics Weekend

This past weekend, 10/23-10/25, myself and a handful of other comics creators (Chris Giarrusso, Jacob Chabot, Brian Smith, Art Balthazar, Ian Flynn and Michael Watkins) were the guests of Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC. We were flown in, put up, fed and essentially made to feel like rock stars and all we had to do was sit around and draw and sign comic books. And boy did we ever draw. Holy cow. There were well over 200 sketches done by all of us in total. The crew at Acme scanned as many as they could and posted them on their site.

By my count, based on what’s on their site and what I can remember that wasn’t scanned, clocked in with about 38 sketches. I encourage you to check out the scans of everyone’s sketches here (I encourage you to check out Brian “Smitty” Smith’s takes on E.T. and “The Star Wars”), but for simplicity sake, here are 32 of the sketches I did:

GGCC_Acme BatThe Acme Bat, Acme Comics’ “mascot”



GGCC_BabyDeadpoolBaby Deadpool

(Safari Junior High School’s resident vulture)




a series of Baby Storms, a popular pick that day




GGCC_SpongeBob01SpongeBob SquarePants


GGCC_BabyWolverine02a couple of Baby Wolverine sketches

GGCC_Silver SurferThe Silver Surfer

GGCC_BeastThe Beast

GGCC_Red DevilRed Devil

GGCC_Cap&BuckyCaptain America & Bucky


GGCC_Batman02Batman, two times

GGCC_BabyNightcrawlerBaby Nightcrawler


GGCC_Kyle RaynorGreen Lantern (Kyle Raynor)

GGCC_Harley QuinnHarley Quinn

GGCC_Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

GGCC_Harley v IvyHarley Quinn vs. Poison Ivy (for the fate of Emily!)

GGCC_BabyGambitBaby Gambit

GGCC_JokerThe Joker

GGCC_Krabs MealMr. Krabs
(as a combo meal, with fries, tartar sauce, and a drink)

GGCC_Iron Fist v Sandy CheeksIron Fist vs. Sandy Cheeks

GGCC_Pix01Pix, Teenage American Fairy

GGCC_Kitty PrydeKitty Pryde
(in her costume from the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon)

GGCC_Iron ManIron Man

GGCC_Conan v HulkConan the Barbarian vs. The Hulk
(based on the following piece by Art Balthazar or Conan v. Red Hulk)

_GGCC_Conan v Rulk

And finally, here’s a Birds of Prey “jam” piece by Chris, Art, Jacob, and myself:

GGCC_Birds of Prey


And that’s just the stuff that got scanned. Missing from this group, from what I can remember: Mega Man, Bomb Queen, The 5th Doctor (Dr. Who), another Pix, and a Hippopotamus.

But yes indeed, it was a weekend filled with comics, signing, sketches, handshakes, fist-bumps, Biff Burgers, bibimbop, biscuits, BBQ (Stamey’s and Country, both great), brownies, cookies, cobbler, cake, talking, laughs and hush puppies (you’ll note sleep is not on that list).

Thanks again to Stephen and Jermaine and the rest of the crew, friends, and customers of Acme Comics.