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Category: Comedy

2012 Holiday Card

It’s that time of year again, wherein I take a decidedly different approach to the holiday card, ignoring all established rules and norms with respect to proper holiday sentiment. This year’s card is up and you can see it here (with links and such to all prior cards going back to 2002). Enjoy!

2011 Holiday Card

It’s that time of year where holiday cards fill mailboxes…children and pets posed amidst snow or trees or other holiday ephemera. It’s also when I take a decidedly different approach to the “holiday spirit”. This year’s card is up and you can see it here.

San Diego 2011: Puppets and Podcasts and Pictures-a-Plenty!

Comic-Con International 2011 in San Diego, CA has passed us by, and as in years past, the show is a bear. I survived…and I’d call it successful, but for getting sick on that very last day. Suffice it to say I flew high while I flew but it was a rough landing.

That said, the show was not without highlights and plenty of sketches, so let us talk about that!

Before the show even started, as I walked to the convention center for Preview Night, I happened to see and recognize Scott Aukerman and Kulap Vilaysack, host and co-host, respectively, of the podcasts “Comedy Bang Bang:The Podcast” and “Who Charted?”, also respectively. These are both great shows to which I listen regularly, so that was, at least for me, a celebrity sighting worth mentioning. Scott’s the man behind the must-see comedy show at LA’s UCB Theatre Comedy Bang Bang: Stand-Up (formerly Comedy Death Ray). There is a definite linkage between comics and comedy, and if you listened to Episode One of MY podcast, “Stuff Said”, you’ll know it’s a thing I’m sort of fascinated by (heck, I even did this comic (contains mild language), the closest I’ll come to “performing” stand-up).

The point of all that being: hey, listen to those shows, they’re great!

But surely you’re asking, “Gregg, what’s the story with that puppet at the top of this post?”

Stick Figure Night Live #4

Fourth episode of Saturday Night Live means a new “Stick Figure Night Live” comic!

Read the whole thing here.

And with this fourth edition comes EXTRA news:

Stick Figure Night Live got a Twitter shout out from the SNL Weekend Update Twitter feed; check it out:

So if you’re a Twitterer, follow @SNLUpdate. I am not, so I’ll just say thanks, Scott!

And hopefully soon I’ll have a whole new, separate site for Stick Figure Night Live comics…more news as it happens.

Stick Figure Night Live! #1

I’m going to try a new feature here wherein each week I present “Stick Figure Night Live”, a recap/review/commentary on that weeks’ Saturday Night Live episode. I’ve been a watcher and fan of the show since I was old enough to watch it, in all of its highs and lows.

What’s a stick figure recap/review/commentary? Well, here’s the SNL Cold Open from this past weekend:

In keeping with the live aspect of the show, this comic was done as I watched, during commercial breaks, etc. In full disclosure there were momentary pauses so I could get everything down and I did a bit of aesthetic clean-up digitally.

Curious? Interested? Entertained? Angered? Click here for the complete Stick Figure Night Live! #1, starring Amy Poehler and Katy Perry.

Return to DMSW

I recently made my second visit/appearance on the podcast Drew & Mike Save the World, this time joined by Chris Giarrusso.

We get Googled and we talk about Comic-Con, robot news, and more. You can download it through iTunes or go to this link here and download Episode 0019: “You’re About to Meet the Wizard”.



I was recently a guest on the podcast Drew & Mike Save the World, which would fall under the category of “conversational podcasts”.  Some parts are informative, several parts are funny, and some of it’s a lot of three dudes talking over each other. So if you have an hour and a half and want to hear me chatting about comic book based movies, food creations, Harrison Ford, playing Pyramid, and more, check out Drew & Mike Save the World, episode 0009: “Topless House”, available on iTunes or at this link here.