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RIP Stephen Hillenburg

Stephen Hillenburg, creator of SpongeBob SquarePants, has passed away.

For over 18 years I have worked on SpongeBob-related material – character art, comics, coloring books, storybooks. That I was allowed to play with those toys as much as I have is a direct result of the approval and good graces of Stephen Hillenburg.

It has been a defining pillar of my career so far.

I’ve written about my career with SpongeBob (and Stephen Hillenburg), in 2010. And just last year I wrote about them again in my monthly e-newsletter.

Which is to say that I don’t know that there’s much more to say save for this is profoundly sad news.


Free Comic Book Day in Comic Book City, USA

The first Saturday in May each year is Free Comic Book Day, and this year I’ll be spending FCBD this year (May 5, 2012) in Comic Book City, USA (aka Greensboro, NC) at Acme Comics.

The gang at Acme Comics do not mess around when it comes to FCBD as they’re hosting a bevy of talented comics makers, like:

And that’s just at the store location! They’ve got a SECOND event happening at the nearby Greensboro Natural Science Center with even more talented, guests. If you’re in the NC Triad or surrounding area, consider taking the trip to Acme. As they like to say, it’s more than just Free Comic Book Day, it’s a convention.

Aside from all the free stuff, and boy oh boy will there be free stuff, I’ll also have available copies of my Puppet Hero Prints (seen here and here) as well as original SpongeBob Comics art pages and covers for sale through the store.

And if you’re NOT going to make it to Acme Comics, visit your local comic shop and see what they’re offering for FCBD. Maybe you can pick up the SpongeBob/Simpsons comic, featuring a cover by me.

And check out the episode of my podcast, “Stuff Said”, where I talk to the assistant manager at Acme Comics, Stephen Mayer.

Hooray for comics!

Adventure Time!

Apropos of nothing, Adventure Time with Finn & Jake is an incredibly amazing, entertaining series created by Pendleton Ward on Cartoon Network. It recently started it’s second season and if you’re not watching it or haven’t seen it, you’re missing out!

If I were dressing up for Halloween this year, suffice it to say, dressing up as Finn (the human) would be top of my list. Just gotta get me one of those hats…

Imp or Oaf?

If you have an iPhone and/or iPod touch or any other such device wherein you can play iPhone apps and games, I suggest and recommend you check out “Imp or Oaf?”, available now on the iTunes app store.


Why? First, it’s a fun little game with simple yet addictive game play, distinct and original art, and great music. Second, because the creators of the game, Rob Lemon and Craig Chin, are good friends of mine and since I don’t have an iPhone/iPod Touch, I choose to support them by spreading the word. Third, it’s taking the world by storm if we can base the world on iTunes reviews and the like. Fourth, it’s 99 cents. I have the gall to push a $4 single comic book I’ve written…99 cents, that’s like…that’s not even $1.

“Imp of Oaf?” It’s like the Tickle-Me Elmo of 2009-2010. Check it out.


“Imp or Oaf?” developed by Gilded Skull Games.