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Cruisin’ Together: 01 – Endless Love


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris and Gregg welcome Traci Todd to talk about just how creepy the first movie Tom Cruise ever appeared (ever so briefly) in is. Also: tales of real life encounters with Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields!

The thirty second teaser for the film:


  1. Gilmore II

    In 1981 Brooke Shields was 16 and Sandler was 15. For the non-mathematical, that makes Brooke a year older than Sandler. By the same token, Sandler is a year younger than Brooke.

    • Gregg

      Then I suppose the real, and maybe more relevant, question is how old was Happy Gilmore in 1981?

      (also, thanks for listening!)

      • Gilmore II

        In 1981 Happy Gilmore was at least as old as Sandler, but not as old as Sandler’s “jokes.” Thanks for a fun show!

        • Gregg

          You’re welcome.

          Meanwhile, it dawns on me with your name, Gilmore II, are you related to Happy Gilmore?!?!

  2. Brian J. Bromberg

    Five stars! I should clarify that I am giving five stars, out of five, my highest possible rating and praise is due. This podcast is a fantastic waste of time, and I mean that in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY. It’s like hanging out in a bar or restaurant or mall parking lot, talking absolute nonsense with a few like-minded friends with nowhere better to be. Highly engaging, extremely addictive, and laugh out-loud funny. These men exhibit an unrivaled commitment to Tom Cruise’s body of work, as well as to the random thoughts inspired by said body. Of work. Although they do talk a lot about his actual body too, but you really can’t separate the body from the work, so I can not fault them for that. I love this podcast and eagerly await more entries into a topic I never knew I was even remotely interested in. I highly, highly recommend this podcast to anyone with ears and/or eyes. It is inspiring me to go back and see these Tom Cruise movies, and won’t that make me a better person? The answer is clearly “no,” but I am going to do it anyway. Bravo, sirs.

    • Gregg

      Brian, everything about this comment is amazing and perfect and I thank you and I thank you on Chris’s behalf…BUT, this comment would be even more awesome if it was posted as a review in iTunes, where it, as I’ve been led to understand, factors into some kind of matrix whereby the possibility exists that it would increase the show’s profile and put more eyes, and by extension ears, on it.

      If you do that I promise we’ll continue to keep track of and tabs on Tom Cruise’s shirtlessness throughout his filmic career.

      Though, caveat emptor if you go back and re-watch every film. All due respect to Tom Cruise, but some of them are doozies.

      Thanks, Brian!

      • Brian J. Bromberg


        I have tried and tried and then tried again, but an hour fifteen is where I need to give up. For some reason, Itunes will not let me post the review. This is probably because I am a technological moron, but my desktop Itunes offers no option to Write a Review. I used my Iphone and sent the review 6 times, but it just isn’t showing up. Sorry, man. If it’s any consolation, I did mean it. If you know how to do it, please feel free to post my review in Itunes for me. I wish I could, but they don’t make it easy. Could Apple be trying to keep you down? I will try again later tonight.

        • Gregg

          Apple/iTunes is surely conspiring against one of us, if not us both…or all three of us if I include Chris, who is my co-host. That you put in more than five minutes, Brian, is tremendous and we thank you, again.

    • Paul McMahon

      I would like to give Brian Bromberg’s review of Cruisin’ Together a 5 star review! I couldn’t agree more!

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