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Cruisin’ Together: 43 – Mission: Impossible – Fallout

(this episode of Cruisin’ Together contains grown-up language)

Gregg and Chris return for a new episode, just like Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt, for the sixth installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise, Fallout. And this time they’re joined from the other coast by writer, editor and podcaster David Brothers. After shaking off their ring rust, talk quickly turns to tricycles, big wheels and bicycle accidents. The case of Steve Winwood gets re-opened, Wikipedia woes are shared, and Gregg offers a fan theory connecting the Mission: Impossible franchise to another Tom Cruise film, Minority Report. Everyone brings something to a mixed medley of Top Toms and some controversial Cruise Controls, plus talk of what might be next for Tom Cruise and the Mission: Impossible films to come. And as they do, Gregg reports on shirtlessness, Chris gives everyone the fitness lowdown, and new words are coined! Plus, another epic-length mid-show break with talk of Duck, Duck, Goose, patents, and…the possible return of intern Jeff/Geoff?!

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  1. Lt. Michael Derek Phillips

    Dear sirs,

    This was an excellent episode. I was initially confused as I thought the podcast was about the Al Pacino classic, Cruising.

    After an hour of listening I realised it was about a different film, indeed a different genre entirely.

    Luckily I had seen the film reviewed, Mission Impossible: Fallout. This cinematic offering reminded me a lot about human compassion and the daily struggle many people face in their day-to-day lives. Ethan Hunt symbolises a very noble human trait, the urge to help his fellow man. For that alone, the popular movie, which has thus far grossed $765,793,530 at the world wide box office, stirred thoughts of my favourite Biblical passages. Yet instead of plagues of frogs or locusts, Hunt fought back a nuclear apocalypse.

    Unfortunately I missed the end of this film as I erroneously thought the motorcycle sequence marked the end of the film. Your review left me assured that world was saved.

    Like Al Pacino, Tom Cruise is a diminutive actor capable of literally igniting the screen with effervescent acting.

    Your podcast was a treat and a small beacon of hope in troubled times.


    Michael Derek Phillips

    • Gregg

      You bring up excellent points, Michael Derek Phillips. Perhaps most striking being the one between the lines. While we’ve seen Tom Cruise share the screen with such legends as Paul Newman (THE COLOR OF MONEY), Jack Nicholson (A FEW GOOD MEN) and Meryl Streep (LIONS FOR LAMBS), we’ve yet to see Cruise and Pacino make movie magic. Thanks for listening and than you for your service.

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