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Cruisin’ Together: 44 – Top Gun: Maverick

(this episode of Cruisin’ Together contains grown-up language)

Gregg and Chris are back in their first actual, non-Special Version Episode in nearly four years!!! And on this auspicious occasion they are joined by fitness expert and Chris’ lifelong friend, Michael Marasigan. After a lot of runway introducing the guest and breakdown the podcast and movie release timelines, things take flight with a recap battle (with an incorrect invoking of “by virtue of the ping pong”) and then: bird talk, the relative value of “real Gs,” was Gregg’s pre-cap more accurate than anyone thought?, the tale of the four-minute mile, Chris explains the biggest surprise of the movie, Gregg saves and important “Cruise Control” for last, Mike gets into Tom Cruise’s running form, a video game guessing game, and Gregg cusses…twice!

Plus, in the mid-show break, hear: corrections to the first half of the show, Kittridge talk, Bruce Lee analogies, imbort and the Swedish fish, twitter comments, and plugs

It’s been a while and this show’s the longest episode ever…which may or may not be related data points.

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