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Cruisin’ Together: Special Version Episode 1 – Rogue Reactions


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Presenting a Special Version Episode! Chris and Gregg break their regular chronological order to get on the mic just after seeing the new Tom Cruise movie, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation! Joined by past guests, Traci (Endless Love) and Jacob (Risky Business), they talk some spoilers, yes, and also get into which of us is John McEnroe, Jeremy Renner’s fingernails, Tom Cruise’s running, gun transformers, opera, admiration of the female lead and impressions of the movie’s villain. Recorded 7/31/2015.

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  1. Jonny Cannon

    Dear sirs,

    Your podcast is, as ever,in excellent shape.

    Perhaps you could review Harrison Ford’s films once you complete Cruise’s movies? If so, please consider Post-Fordist Production as a working title.

    All the best,

    Jonathan J. J. Cannon Sr

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