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Emerald City Comicon Approaches…

This coming weekend, March 4-6, I will be at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Washington. It’s a great convention with a whole slew of talented guests and participants. I recommend it!

I’ll be there sketching and talking and selling all kinds of goodies from copies of SPONGEBOB COMICS #1, X-BABIES comics, Puppet Hero prints, and a selection of original art and comics pages.

You’ll find me sitting at table G-09, seated alongside my usual convention pals, Chris Giarrusso and Jacob Chabot, to my right.

But wait, there’s more! Not only will I be exhibiting at the show, I’m also hosting a panel. Indeed, on Saturday, the 5th, at 4pm, I’ll be hosting “Super-Blank: The Game Show”, a version of the classic game show, The Match Game, complete with a panel of comics celebrities including Kurt Busiek, Chris Giarrusso, Kirby Krackle‘s Kyle Stevens, Raina Telgemeir, Dave Roman and more.

Still not enough? Well, the art you see above of Pix, Teenage American Fairy v. a Minotaur, is part of “Monsters & Dames”, a full-color, 9″x12″ hardcover art book featuring contributions from guests and artists of the 2011 Emerald City Comicon limited to 1000 individually numbered copies. Pick one up for $30.00 at the Emerald City Comicon Show booth. Moneys raised from sales of the books and an auction of the original art go to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

With all that going on, it’s a wonder if I’ll be able to make it to Top Pot Doughnuts…(spoiler alert: I will definitely be going to Top Pot Doughnuts).

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