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Hanley’s Signing: 10/7/2009

For the release of X-BABIES #1, I was invited, along with artist Jacob Chabot, to appear at Jim Hanley’s Universe at their Manahttan location. The good news was we had a great time, met a lot of people interested in X-Babies, did a lot of drawing, and sold the store out of all their copies of X-BABIES #1.

The bad news: they sold out of X-BABIES #1 and some folks weren’t able to get copies. BUT, they might have more copies this Tuesday, the 13th, so not all is lost.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here are some photos from the event (thanks to Mike for manning the camera):


Signs outside let passers by know the who and the what.

photo_01And here: the who and the what. Myself on the left, Jacob Chabot on the right.
Copies of X-Babies #1 as well as a selection of Jacob’s works.
(they didn’t have any Nickelodeon Magazine issues for me to display or sign)

photo_04People waited patiently…and excitedly!

photo_02While we drew as quickly as we could.
(I’m working on a Baby Wolverine, Jacob’s drawing Deadpool)

photo_03Every now and again looking up, in a blur of motion!

photo_06And then right back to work.

photo_07Having sold out of copies, we resumed drawing.
(Jacob’s drawing Moon Knight. I’m drawing a Baby Psylocke.)

photo_08The night wore on (we were there late…past 9pm), hunger grew,
and I signed one last copy before putting pizza into my guts.

photo_09And if that wasn’t enough, superstar Chris Giarrusso of G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS and MINI-MARVELS stopped by with a message: BUY G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS, issue #3 on sale next week, 10/14!

All in all a great time was had. The folks at Hanley’s were super accommodating including providing water and Sharpies. They also took a bunch of photos which, as soon as they post them, I’ll put the link right here.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support.

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  1. Walden

    Great pictures. I just got my copy today. The cover I got looks differet. Is that a variant with only the two characters? I need to find me one of those

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