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Imp or Oaf?

If you have an iPhone and/or iPod touch or any other such device wherein you can play iPhone apps and games, I suggest and recommend you check out “Imp or Oaf?”, available now on the iTunes app store.


Why? First, it’s a fun little game with simple yet addictive game play, distinct and original art, and great music. Second, because the creators of the game, Rob Lemon and Craig Chin, are good friends of mine and since I don’t have an iPhone/iPod Touch, I choose to support them by spreading the word. Third, it’s taking the world by storm if we can base the world on iTunes reviews and the like. Fourth, it’s 99 cents. I have the gall to push a $4 single comic book I’ve written…99 cents, that’s like…that’s not even $1.

“Imp of Oaf?” It’s like the Tickle-Me Elmo of 2009-2010. Check it out.


“Imp or Oaf?” developed by Gilded Skull Games.