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First announced in my monthly email newsletter, I’ve started a series of YouTube drawing videos called STUFF SKETCHED. A pseudo-spinoff of my STUFF SAID podcast, these videos will feature my drawing something with a voice over commentary of some kind. So far there are two videos up on YouTube (and at, with more to come. This is a work-in-progress, and I welcome comments, questions, and suggestions for what I might draw, talk about, etc.

In the meantime, here are the first two videos in the series:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Cruisin’ Together: 43 – Mission: Impossible – Fallout

(this episode of Cruisin’ Together contains grown-up language)

Gregg and Chris return for a new episode, just like Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt, for the sixth installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise, Fallout. And this time they’re joined from the other coast by writer, editor and podcaster David Brothers. After shaking off their ring rust, talk quickly turns to tricycles, big wheels and bicycle accidents. The case of Steve Winwood gets re-opened, Wikipedia woes are shared, and Gregg offers a fan theory connecting the Mission: Impossible franchise to another Tom Cruise film, Minority Report. Everyone brings something to a mixed medley of Top Toms and some controversial Cruise Controls, plus talk of what might be next for Tom Cruise and the Mission: Impossible films to come. And as they do, Gregg reports on shirtlessness, Chris gives everyone the fitness lowdown, and new words are coined! Plus, another epic-length mid-show break with talk of Duck, Duck, Goose, patents, and…the possible return of intern Jeff/Geoff?!

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Cruisin’ Together: Special Version Episode 5 – InsTOMgram, Episode 1: Feel the Need

(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris has a new wingman with past guest (episode TAPS) and past guest host (episode VALKYRIE), Mike Levin (AKA Cousin Mike), for an “emergency,” “very important” Special Version episode covering Tom Cruise’s social media! But worry not, as Mike and Chris have plenty to say on behalf of Gregg and on Gregg’s behalf, make a point of keeping to the “classic” CRUISIN’ TOGETHER format, including the “classic” themes and jingles you always hear on the show, and are very careful to not talk about movies. You will, however, hear Chris and Mike cover weather forecasting, concrete socks, and Val Kilmer’s social media. Is this a Special Version Episode or its very own S-Corp LLC podcast feed? What of hashtag day two? Will Gregg ever get his 5%?

Help PIX Win!

My graphic novel, PIX, Vol. 2: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL, was nominated in two categories of the Kids’ Comics Awards. It can win if enough kids and teens vote for it before June 16th. So if you’re reading this I ask you to kindly click the link below and vote for PIX in both its categories, “Favorite Author” and “Be Cool, Stay in School” (for books taking place in a school).


While you’re there, how about vote for SPONGEBOB COMICS in the “Funniest Comic” category, too…that’d be great.

The awards are given out at A2CAF in Ann Arbor, MI on 6/17, and it just so happens I’ll be there, so it’d be a shame to travel all that way and come home empty-handed, right?

That said, PIX is up against some tough competition in some great books, so I suppose it’s like they say; it’s an honor to be nominated.

Vote, vote, vote!


Cruisin’ Together: 42 – American Made

(this episode of Cruisin’ Together contains grown-up language)

Gregg and Chris strap in to discuss American Made, joined by comics and television writer/producer and Tom Cruise super-fan, Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Outcast, Invincible), who doesn’t even wait to be introduced to join the fray. With a Hollywood honcho in their midst, Chris suggests Robert might be a more special guest than others and Gregg addresses the elephant in the room, after which, the gang covers such important topics as: milk mustaches, complete hair sets, the name of that game Chewbacca “wins” in Star Wars, and gender-bending the Dark Universe franchise. Plus, in an epic mid-show break, they analyze Tom Cruise’s “Valkyrie Butt,” Gregg makes a request to be on another podcast, Chris undersells himself, and Robert talks about night pizza. And not to be outdone, bad puns get dropped, words get misused and mispronounced, tangents are regretted, and Robert births a new segment for the show!


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Cruisin’ Together: 41 – The Mummy

(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris and Gregg rise from their state of rest to talk about The Mummy. With them to discuss it is their old friend, Tim Smith 3. And three is the magic number as they get into numerology, memories of Y2K, and the time Gregg didn’t die in a car and Chris might’ve run into a tollbooth. After covering their expectations for the movie, Gregg coins the word “intermonstral”, they rank the monsters, and they talk about mummy mechanics, wrappings vs. fashion, and mummies and draculas getting poofed. And after the break, there are issues with character names, Chris helps Gregg decipher one of his notes, they offer suggestions for Dr. Henry Jekyll, and of Brendan Fraser’s Golden Globes clap gets the spotlight. Also, Russell Crowe’s in The Mummy, so long time listeners know what that means!

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Cruisin’ Together: Special Version Episode 4 – The Lego Batman Movie

(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Gregg called Chris in to record a Special Version episode for a movie Gregg saw but Chris hasn’t…at least, they don’t know if he has or not, as Gregg didn’t tell Chris what movie until they were recording. And outside of some technical issues, Chris’ guessing games and Gregg’s clumsy and arduous recap, the fellas discuss squatting vs. homesteading, Mr. Jaws, the difference between an “Easter egg” and a simple reference, double-stuf Oreos, and wonder what VCR stands for. A special version of a special version episode, to be sure.

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A Big PIX Update (with some history, too)

I’ve covered some of this over at, but in an effort to make this page about something more than Tom Cruise podcast episodes, I thought it worth putting some words down here.

In late 2014 I finally took Hatter Entertainment to the next level, self-published PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND under the Hatter Entertainment name. It was something I long wanted to do and it remains one of my proudest accomplishments of my professional career.