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Plugs, Pics, and Pix

Golly Gee, so much going on…

Let’s start with some plugs.

First, plug-plug for G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS #1, the first issue of an all-new, 5-issue series by my friend and comics’ superstar Chris Giarrusso, who’s best known in comic book circles as the man behind Marvel Comics’ MINI-MARVELS. G-Man is Chris’ own creation, but it’s in the same spirit of the work he’s known for: kids with superpowers being awesome and funny. I’ve read the first issue and it’s great and when it hits comic shops in August, do yourself right and pick up a copy. And if that’s not incentive enough, the book’s got all kinds of back-up strips in it, a couple by yours truly (more on that in a bit).

gman_cc_miniseries_1Buy this starting in August!

Next plug: KIRBY KRACKLE is a “comic book rock band from Seattle” who I happen to be friends with (that’s right, I know rock stars). They just released their Summer Single titled “Ring Capacity”. And in as much as it’s about DC Comics’ superhero Green Lantern, it’s also a straight-up catchy rocker of a song. And it’s FREE! For serious. Go here, sign up for their mailing list, and boom, they e-mail you an mp3.

single_colorDig it.

Meanwhile, San Diego Comic-Con is around the corner, but I dare not forget I was just in Charlotte a couple weeks back for Heroes Con, which was a great time. I’m still waiting for folks to send me scans of some of the sketches and doodles I did while I was there, but in the meantime, here are a couple I’ve gotten so far:

reddevilRed Devil, who, I realized much to late, I forgot to draw his armpit wings. (oops)

aquaauctionAquaman & SpongeBob SquarePants for the HeroesCon Art Auction. Props to Richard Case for suggesting I add SpongeBob to the original drawing: a lonely Aquaman.

And before I end the Charlotte show-and-tell, here’s one more image, though not comics related in any way:

charlottesnacksThis here’s all the snackin’ foods I stocked up on for the weekend. Them Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s are delicious. And eating them for breakfast with cold milk…it’s like Cookie Crisp cereal but with actual, real, delicious cookies. Those raspberry/chocolate granola bars, meanwhile…not so great.

And finally, remember when I said that thing about back-up material in G-MAN: CAME CRISIS…and how some of it was by me? Well, it’s all true. I’ll be providing single-page SAFARI JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL strips, as well as an all-new, full-color, 15-page PIX: TEENAGE AMERICAN FAIRY story (told in 3 page chunks over the 5 issue series), where things go very, very wrong as a result of one single donut…

Here’s a sneak peek:



So there’s that. You want more? Pick up G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS from Image Comics starting in August.


P.S.: X-BABIES #1 got an official on-sale date. October 7, 2009. More on that another time…