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01/14/2012: Daniel Radcliffe & Lana Del Rey

Stick Figure Night Live! is a series of stick figure comic “recreations” of episodes of Saturday Night Live. Just as the show itself is performed live, the comics are drawn “live” while watching the show (with the occasional assist from DVR or some digital clean-up post scanning).


Here’s the problem with having watched SNL for a long stretch of time: sketches remind you of past sketches and, even if the sketches AREN’T really the same, you sort of compare them anyway…which isn’t fair, but…

…that happened quite a bit this episode. The Hogwarts in 2020 sketch brought to my “Welcome Back, Potter” from a while back. And “The Jay Pharoah Show” immediately brought to might “The Chris Farley Show”. Like I said, it isn’t fair to do that.

I found it curious the three Self-Attack campaign ads came in such quick succession, as opposed to one pre-Update, one post, and say one pre-good nights, but there’s clearly a timing and mechanics to the show that’s more easier poo-pooed than actually managed.

I read somewhere at some point that Kristen Wiig had “retired” the Target Lady. Was this a swan song or was that false reportage? And if it was a swan song, are we to expect appearances by Gilly and/or Penelope?

Aside: a part of me thinks it’d be kind of awesome if a cast member who KNEW they were leaving decided to, show-by-show, kill off their well-known and well-worn characters, a la Phil Hendrie when one of his radio show runs was coming to an end.

Apparently Lana Del Rey’s name comes from a combination of Lana Turner and the Ford Del Rey (this from episode #57 of the podcast “Who Charted?”). That notwithstanding…I’ve said before I’m not good with hearing lyrics, but these are real songs? That song where she keeps saying “video games” is for real as a slow love song? Had I not heard a snippet of that song before I would have imagined it was a dance song being done as a slow ballad for this one performance. It sounded so odd.

I only hit pause on my DVR three times this episode, for those interested in the mechanics of this process. Once just before “Target Lady”, then before “Spin the Bottle” and finally before “The Jay Pharoah Show”. I hit rewind once, during “You Can Do Anything!” when I thought I misheard something.

Looks like a couple weeks off before a very full February (three new shows in a row last I checked). Until then…