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10/08/2011: Ben Stiller & Foster the People

Stick Figure Night Live! is a series of stick figure comic “recreations” of episodes of Saturday Night Live. Just as the show itself is performed live, the comics are drawn “live” while watching the show (with the occasional assist from DVR or some digital clean-up post scanning).


Here’s a question for folks reading this who aren’t in New York or the general Tri-State area: does your NBC station show commercials for Broadway shows during SNL? Because I couldn’t help notice a commercial for Daniel Radcliffe in “How to Succeed in Business…” during an episode where Hugh Jackman played said Daniel Radcliffe. Is that a savvy ad buy on the part of that production, or is there product placement or “arrangements” made, however subtly, on SNL?

And does that question put this whole web comic into conspiracy theory territory?

As for this week’s episode, boy, there was a lot of content in this episode, something where it seems the host, Ben Stiller, might well have had something to do with it (based on his past work in sketch comedy, namely The Ben Stiller Show).

I still haven’t figured out how to encapsulate the Shanna sketches into a single panel or moment and admit this rendition’s…not what it could be. One of these days I’ll maybe figure it out.

Otherwise, last season, when there was a Fox & Friends sketch, someone on the message board went through the effort to write down the list of “corrections” that scroll at the end of the sketch. I was hoping to find the same for this episode but as yet it hasn’t appeared. If/when it does I’ll post a link here.

Until then, see you next week…


  1. Andrew

    I’m in NY so I can’t tell you if the ad aired else where, but it wasn’t specific placement- it’s been airing in that spot all 3 episodes and there have been ads for broadway shows in that slot the past 2 seasons or so.

    • Gregg

      Just goes to show how much attention I paid to commercials during past episodes…I suppose the sketch only helped me notice it this time out. Thanks, Andrew.

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