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Tag: Silliness & Nonsense

Cruisin’ Together: 35 – Rock of Ages


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris and Gregg welcome rockin’ friend and fan, Tyler Shainline, to jam out over Rock of Ages, so naturally they discuss the Rock Band video game, the rock band Journey, the rock bands that do/don’t exist in the movie’s reality, pro wrestling, Steve Perry’s hair, ghosts, strippers and pole dancing, pro wrestling, Carrol Spinney’s dexterity, the “Top Cop in Pop”, mapledong, Adrian Zmed but not Adrian Zmed, pro wrestling, Huey Lewis & the News, and surely another mention of pro wrestling.

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Website Bonus – sitting in on our recording session was cartoonist Art Baltazar, who drew the entire time we were talking, resulting in this amazing ‘toon tapestry:

Cruisin’ Together: 34 – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Gregg and Chris welcome, after over 30 episodes, their very first Tom as a guest, in the form of Thomas Velazquez, and together they talk about the fourth Mission: Impossible movie, Ghost Protocol. And in doing so, they parse what makes a franchise a franchise, tell tales of incorrect name action, recall “You Make the Call”, engage in a recap battle full of legalities, question the existence of a Thomas-verse, address matters regarding pubis, talk about Tom Selleck and Kenny Rogers, and participate in Paula Patton patter. Also: Does Chris have too many Top Toms? How many Tom Cruise movies has Thomas even seen? And what is Gregg’s “Theory of Mo’nique”?

Cruisin’ Together: 33 – Knight and Day


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris and Gregg bring in a most energetic man who lives in Japan, Julio Herrera, to talk the ups and downs and ins and outs and highs and lows of Night and Day. And with Chris back to co-hosting after last episode, they get back into the swing of things, talking about “Rodney from Detroit”, skills (kicking and otherwise), bridesmaids’ dresses, and more. Plus, help from the peanut gallery and brief appearances by Al Sharpton, The Green Goblin and Charles Barkley. You want more? Alright: Julio tells a Tom Cruise story, shows Chris how to (explicitly) step his game up, and reveals his three favorite movies of all time.

Cruisin’ Together: 32 – Valkyrie


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Gregg brings in a special co-host, Michael (episode: Taps) Levin to fill in for Chris, who could not host on account of the scheduled guest…which Gregg and Mike discuss before introducing said guest to talk about Valkyrie. But even without Chris co-hosting, the show goes as it should, with talk of Al Roker, Gregg’s foot injury, adding to the spice, quad negatives, the communist manifesto, a t-shirt design contest, hurt feelings and apologies, Stauffenberg’s eye, Johnny Carson impressions, Bozo the Clown’s cup and balls game, and plenty of Nazi and Hitler talk. It’s a real #NotAllGermans/#YesAllJews kind of a show.

Cruisin’ Together: 31 – Tropic Thunder


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Gregg and Chris welcome the tall and handsome Marshall Mathers artist, Paul Azaceta, to live, laugh, love and breathe over Tropic Thunder. Talk of Hollywood Game Night, Terry Crews and Morris Code precedes a repurcussion-heavy recap battle, followed by discussion of the designated hitter rule, what they’d eat to get into Les Grossman shape, Orndorff on Golf, Robert Downey Jr., and Racism. Plus, Gregg explains Purim.

Cruisin’ Together: 30 – Lions for Lambs


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris and Gregg sweeten the pot when they bring “The Candy Geek” himself, Jason Liebig, onto the show to talk Lions for Lambs. The movie maybe doesn’t wow ’em, but after some international candy treats it gets them talking about Stuart Kittles, how $30,000 breaks down, Ash v. Ash v. Ash, the movie’s casts’ superhero movie roles, Tupperware parties, Shakespeare, Ultra Magnus, the Army’s buddy system, and so much more. Plus, Jason tells a tale of his game show experience, Gregg uses the word milquetoast, and Chris makes an unprecedented move during one of the show’s regular segments.

Cruisin’ Together: 29 – Mission: Impossible III


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Gregg and Chris make it another family affair when they bring Mark Mariano (brother to Chris Mariano, episode Magnolia) get into the nitty gritty of Mission: Impossible III. Under the influence of chicken wings, they start with talk of lens flares and continue on to discuss how The Force works, tell a tale of QVC, play a bit of Match Game, engage in “Jabberin’ About J.J.”, and talk briefly about The Hot Sundaes video from Saved By The Bell. Plus, they ask hard-hitting questions like: where’s Greg Grundberg?, is a windmill is a propeller?, and is it a chip bag or a crackling fire?

Cruisin’ Together: 28 – War of the Worlds


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris and Gregg welcome Marcie Colleen on board to unpack and unravel War of the Worlds, including much-needed discussions of school mascots, Marcie’s secret Tom Cruise history, Chris’ “mental illness” theory, Gregg’s “bwoooomp”, solonoids, spy-bots on Hoth, three-legged dogs, how to defeat various alien invasions. And also, Marcie finally gets to tall about Tim Robbins, Gregg learns the term “gantry crane”, and Chris keeps talking about food. Plus: a knock at the door?!

Cruisin’ Together: 27 – Collateral


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Gregg and Chris start the meter running with Branwyn Bigglestone as their passenger to talk Collateral. Branwyn’s love for Debi Mazar and hate for slow jams are the tip of the iceberg in a chat that includes The Transporter, covers of “Ben”, uncletagonists, the power of a photo of an island, segments upon segments, a series of jinxes, and plenty of talk of Tom running.

Cruisin’ Together: 26 – The Last Samurai


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris and Gregg welcome Drew Gill for his distinctive perspective to talk The Last Samurai. Said discussion includes talk of Dio and “Rainbow in the Dark”, Republica’s “Ready to Go”, people v. peep hole, The Terminator, samurai code, samurai culture and the pluralization of samurai, Gregg’s new sneakers, a surprise episode of “SandLearning”, much praise for Ken Watanable, how Last Samurai’s like Top Gun, and ninjas, ninjas, ninjas! Plus, an arguably epic mid-show break featuring listener mail and a highly questionable impression.