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Cruisin’ Together: 41 – The Mummy

(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris and Gregg rise from their state of rest to talk about The Mummy. With them to discuss it is their old friend, Tim Smith 3. And three is the magic number as they get into numerology, memories of Y2K, and the time Gregg didn’t die in a car and Chris might’ve run into a tollbooth. After covering their expectations for the movie, Gregg coins the word “intermonstral”, they rank the monsters, and they talk about mummy mechanics, wrappings vs. fashion, and mummies and draculas getting poofed. And after the break, there are issues with character names, Chris helps Gregg decipher one of his notes, they offer suggestions for Dr. Henry Jekyll, and of Brendan Fraser’s Golden Globes clap gets the spotlight. Also, Russell Crowe’s in The Mummy, so long time listeners know what that means!

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The trailer for The Mummy: