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12/10/2011: Katy Perry & Robyn

Stick Figure Night Live! is a series of stick figure comic “recreations” of episodes of Saturday Night Live. Just as the show itself is performed live, the comics are drawn “live” while watching the show (with the occasional assist from DVR or some digital clean-up post scanning).


Of Katy Perry’s nine sketch appearances, she sang, even if just a little bit, in seven of them. Why wasn’t she also the musical guest? Surely she could have worn enormous shoes and danced around like Robyn, right?

A lot of what I’m calling “Impression Parades”, but none of which were as translatable as the Regis Replacement Auditions sketch from a couple episodes ago, hence the lazy-looking text-only versions above. Apologies. But that was a very good Cuba Gooding Jr. by Jay Pharoah.

What does it say about me that the most exciting thing in the whole episode was Val Kilmer in the digital short?

And come on, one of the current 14 cast members must have some kind of Donald Trump impression in them, right? No disrespect to Darryll Hammond, of course, but it’s like…outsourcing or something. I want to see a weird Paul Brittain take on Donald Trump.

(which reminds me of the awesome sketch after Phil Hartman left wherein the rest of the cast auditioned for the part of Bill Clinton…most notably being Chris Elliot’s W.C. Fields-take and Adam Sandler doing “his walk” – oh, memories…)

An interesting result of doing these drawings as I look at them in cleaning them up a bit for presentation here: the cold open and the Al Sharpton sketch were really similar, at least structurally…like, down to the one character doing all the talking while two characters framing him do very, very little. I don’t know…thought it was interesting.

I liked that last sketch…maybe because on the outset I was worried it was going to be another “weird repetitive song” last sketch, but it wasn’t. And Bobby Moynihan got a little smooch time with Katy Perry, to boot.

Jimmy Fallon’s hosting next week, which means the changes are very high we’ll get more past players stopping by. And while we’ll more likely see “The Barry Gibb Talk Show” than anything else, it might be a nice treat to see a performance of “I Wish it Was Christmas Today”. Though it’d be a particularly unexpected treat to see Fallon and Horatio in their leather shop sketch.