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Dr. Kitchenstein Presents: Cookie Salad

Some of you have read or heard me talk about All-Hallow’s Giving (and if you haven’t, you can here). But what you might not know is that’s not my only made-up holiday/event/excuse to get creative in the kitchen. For a while I’d host thematic New Years Eve gatherings, for example. And for the past four years now, I’ve had folks over to play a home version of The Match Game. In that instance I once again take to the kitchen wherein I put together variations on Macaroni & Cheese and present a bevvy of cookies.

Which brings us to this: Cookie Salad:


(extreme close-up, detail view)

What is it? How’s it made? And most important, how’s it taste?

To begin: Cookie Salad is a dessert interpretation of the likes of tuna salad, chicken salad, or potato salad by way of icebox cake or pie.

It’s made quite simply. I started by busting up cookies. For this iteration, I used the following:

Chips Ahoy Original

Vienna Fingers



I took said cookies (in this case, 20 of each), busted them into smaller pieces, and “dressed them” with whipped cream (as opposed to mayonnaise as one might use in a savory, proper salad). That whole mix went into the refrigerator (the icebox cake/pie element) to let it all mellow.

In the end it looked like this:


Here it is in the bowl after mixing.

Here it is on a plate.

So that’s Cookie Salad, in all of its splendor. And not to toot my own horn or nothin’, but it was quite delicious.