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Cruisin’ Together: 26 – The Last Samurai


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris and Gregg welcome Drew Gill for his distinctive perspective to talk The Last Samurai. Said discussion includes talk of Dio and “Rainbow in the Dark”, Republica’s “Ready to Go”, people v. peep hole, The Terminator, samurai code, samurai culture and the pluralization of samurai, Gregg’s new sneakers, a surprise episode of “SandLearning”, much praise for Ken Watanable, how Last Samurai’s like Top Gun, and ninjas, ninjas, ninjas! Plus, an arguably epic mid-show break featuring listener mail and a highly questionable impression.

The trailer for The Last Samurai:


  1. Jonathan Jonathan Junior Cannon Sr

    Dear sirs,

    As always, a superbly listenable podcast. This made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me angry, it made me sad. It didn’t make me horny, but only because that part of me is dead due to the horrors I witnessed during a rum smuggling operation in 1920s Guatemala. (There was also an incident with a humane mousetrap a few years later, but that’s another story.)

    I was perturbed by your lack of mention of Tom’s middle tooth in this film. This is the feature in which it first stars. Once I noticed this, I couldn’t commit fully to the marvelously ethnocentric nonsense before me.

    Thank you or your kind words, I sound exactly like a South African Stephen Hawking, as do most people from Ardrossan.

    Best wishes,

    Jonathan Jonathan Junior Cannon Sr

    • Gregg

      Believe you me, would that our test-to-speech app had an Ardrossan accent option, we’d have used it.

      At the risk of betraying our Tom Cruise expertise, I don’t know that either of us have noticed this tooth you mention, as – spoiler alert – it doesn’t come up in any of the episodes we’ve recorded since. Our sincerest apologies for the oversight.

      • Drew

        Once I noticed that Harrison Ford’s nose was crooked, I guess I couldn’t unsee that either? #NailedIt

        Tom used to have bad teeth (you watched The Outsiders, right? Ha ha zing!). Probably got caps/veneers before his movie career started, and some folks think one of his two front teeth is in the middle of his smile. His teeth have always been a bit off since the beginning (see Risky Business, another film you may have watched! Ha!). #TeethTalk

  2. Jonny Cannon

    Dear sirs,

    Cruise is the only film star I can think of where I would not be amazingly surprised if he leapt off that silver screen into a sofa-shaped spaceship and piloted it straight into my bespectacled face.

    Harrison Ford’s nose has previously distracted me and don’t even get me started on Julia Roberts shark mouth! How many teeth does that woman have?

    And has anyone ever noticed Christian Bale’s horizontal ears????? Huh?

    Your fan,

    Jonny Cannon

  3. Jonny Cannon

    I feel I should add that I have a smile like a hedgehog’s misshapen anus filled with the severed rubber fingers of a ravaged G.I. Joe.

    Incidentally, the big G.I. Joe was called Action Man and the wee ones Action Force in the UK.

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