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Cruisin’ Together: 32 – Valkyrie


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Gregg brings in a special co-host, Michael (episode: Taps) Levin to fill in for Chris, who could not host on account of the scheduled guest…which Gregg and Mike discuss before introducing said guest to talk about Valkyrie. But even without Chris co-hosting, the show goes as it should, with talk of Al Roker, Gregg’s foot injury, adding to the spice, quad negatives, the communist manifesto, a t-shirt design contest, hurt feelings and apologies, Stauffenberg’s eye, Johnny Carson impressions, Bozo the Clown’s cup and balls game, and plenty of Nazi and Hitler talk. It’s a real #NotAllGermans/#YesAllJews kind of a show.

The trailer for Valkyrie: