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Cruisin’ Together: 33 – Knight and Day


(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris and Gregg bring in a most energetic man who lives in Japan, Julio Herrera, to talk the ups and downs and ins and outs and highs and lows of Night and Day. And with Chris back to co-hosting after last episode, they get back into the swing of things, talking about “Rodney from Detroit”, skills (kicking and otherwise), bridesmaids’ dresses, and more. Plus, help from the peanut gallery and brief appearances by Al Sharpton, The Green Goblin and Charles Barkley. You want more? Alright: Julio tells a Tom Cruise story, shows Chris how to (explicitly) step his game up, and reveals his three favorite movies of all time.

The trailer for Knight and Day: