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Starfox’s Swingin’ Spring Break Super-Special

In late 1999, Marvel approved a one-issue comedy comic for me to write and pencil. There’s a longer behind-the-scenes story (which you can read here), but in a nutshell, as I was drawing page six, the project was cancelled. Now, many years later, I present the original plot (with all the goofball jokes included), the aforementioned pages, the layouts for pages 7 and 8, and more. Enjoy:

Starfox_01 Starfox_02 Starfox_03 Starfox_04 Starfox_05
What follows is the original pencil art (and some layouts) to the unpublished “Starfox’s Swingin’ Spring Break Super-Special”:


Starfox_06Starfox_07 Starfox_08 Starfox_09 Starfox_10 Starfox_11 Starfox_12

And finally, about three years later, I worked up this new piece of art when I considered possibly re-pitching the project:


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