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Re: Comics!

I met the fine folks from Acme Comics (of Greensboro, NC), last September at the Baltimore Comic Con. At that show we spoke, naturally, of comics. That led to some e-mail exchanges and now, Stephen Mayer (one of the aforementioned fine folks), has invited/asked me to participate in a column over at their site (, where he and I, in a series of e-mail exchanges, will discuss comics and things relating to comics. The name of this series, RE: COMICS (get it? because it’s regarding comics…and it’s like, via e-mail and stuff).

So, if you’ve been thinking there’s not enough comics talk here…or you want some more “insider/industry” type talk without so much explaining, check that out. It’s gonna be a guy who works in/helps run a comic shop in the south taking to a cartoonist in NYC. Could be interesting. Maybe even fun. The plan, as I understand it, is for weekly postings. Time will tell. The best laid plans and all that.

And if you actually want to hear specific topics discussed, by all means, let me know. Click on that li’l comments button at the bottom of this post and have at it.