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4th Anniversary & Leaving Marvel on STUFF SAID


STUFF SAID episode 60 features a monologue about why I left my job at Marvel Comics, plus an announcement about STUFF SAID. Listen to it here.


    • Gregg

      Ha, I love the Spoiler alert, Jonny.

      But thank you, I appreciate it. And yes, CRUISIN’ will continue apace. We’re nearly halfway through the movies in our release schedule, and we’ve recorded through Collateral, so plenty of CRUISIN’ to come for the rest of 2015 and into 2016. And like I said, the plan is for STUFF SAID to return…in some as yet determined capacity.

      If nothing else, maybe this’ll give folks who haven’t listened to every episode a chance to check those out?

      • Jonny Cannon

        Aye, I’ve recommended the show to my friends. Unfortunately, I am pretty much a social leper. Maybe it’s my frequent, prolonged spells in prison.(I am both a prison guard and a chaos magician.) I shall continue to turn friends and perhaps enemies on to the shows.

        Have you tried linking Cruisin’ Together to the Church of Scientology website? That could only have positive outcomes. Anyway, you guys are mining comedy gold in them thar hills.

        My god-daughters dig Pix, also.

        All the best, man,


        • Gregg

          Haven’t tried linking to the Church of Scientology, Jonny, but we’re planning to raise our flag to maybe get Mr. Cruise’s attention soon…

          And I’m thrilled to hear there are Pix fans in Scotland; that’s tremendous! Thanks so much.

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