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Cruisin’ Together: Special Version Episode 5 – InsTOMgram, Episode 1: Feel the Need

(Cruisin’ Together may contain grown-up language)

Chris has a new wingman with past guest (episode TAPS) and past guest host (episode VALKYRIE), Mike Levin (AKA Cousin Mike), for an “emergency,” “very important” Special Version episode covering Tom Cruise’s social media! But worry not, as Mike and Chris have plenty to say on behalf of Gregg and on Gregg’s behalf, make a point of keeping to the “classic” CRUISIN’ TOGETHER format, including the “classic” themes and jingles you always hear on the show, and are very careful to not talk about movies. You will, however, hear Chris and Mike cover weather forecasting, concrete socks, and Val Kilmer’s social media. Is this a Special Version Episode or its very own S-Corp LLC podcast feed? What of hashtag day two? Will Gregg ever get his 5%?