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Summer 2012 Update: “Stuff Said”, SpongeBob, Spider-Man and MORE!

Here’s what’s new and/or exciting:

  • “Stuff Said”, my podcast, has been going for one year as of today. A year ago today the first episode, part one of my talk with Chris Giarrusso, took the podcast world by storm. One year later we’re still plugging along. Check it out here.
  • The SPONGEBOB COMICS train continues to roll, even faster now as the once bi-monthly comic is now monthly! Issue 10 comes out in comic shops in one week, with a cover and interior story by me. Keep an eye out for it:

  • I’ve also for a good spell been doing illustrations for SPIDER-MAN MAGAZINE for Disney Publishing Worldwide. What is that magazine and where can I get it? It’s an international magazine and you can get it in Europe (Italy, France, etc…you know, Europe). Since it’s NOT something us folks stateside can see, here’s some of the stuff I’ve done for the mag:

(Colors on all by Chris Sotomayer & Benny Fuentes)


  • And finally, Comic-Con International in San Diego is around the corner. I’ll have an update soon with where I’ll be and all that mess.

Happy birthday, U.S.A.


  1. Craig rousseau

    Killer stuff, gregg! Lots of energy and sooo much fun!

    We DID pick up issue 2 of the US marvel superheroes magazine and the boy LOVED the spidey/lizard poster!

    • Gregg

      Hey Craig, thanks! Hopefully more of the stuff I’m doing for the Spidey Mag will squeeze its way into the Marvel Mag, you know, on any of the pages that you and Scott Koblish aren’t already making look goooood.

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