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X-BABIES #1 Reviews: “This is not a serious comic…”

So X-BABIES #1 has been out for just over a week and reviews have popped up here and there. Some have been formal reviews, others discussions on newsgroups.

Reviews tend to range from the “this is fun” to “what’s the point of this?”. But overall reviews have been positive, mostly focusing on Jacob’s fantastic art and its uncanny cuteness. Phrases like “oh, and there’s a story too” were usually what followed a thorough heaping of praise upon Jacob (which he deserves). The occasional negative seemed more to question the motivations or reasons for the series less than the content. Hopefully they’ll stick around for the next three issues to find out. Though the other common negative was the cover price of $3.99, to which I cannot disagree. That four dollar price tag tightens my jaw, too.

So to that end, I thank each and every person who bought the first issue and thank in advance anyone who buys the next three.

But if you’re bored and want to follow along, here are links to all kinds of reviews:

Probably the most high profile review came from, who gave us an 8.4 out of 10.

The very nice G-Man over at (not to be confused with the fictional comic character G-Man now starring in G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS) filed a video review with music and sound effects and positivity.

The members of this X-Men message board seem to go back and forth on it being fun or a waste.

And for this person with a Wolverine site it appears X-Babies was his last straw.

Here’s someone for whom the price might be our undoing, despite otherwise being curious or engaged on some level.

This review, despite reading into things incorrectly, in the end is positive.

Where as THIS reviewer, whose “review” is worth reading just for how it spends more time discussing all the comics that came before the comic being reviewed, didn’t like it. Though I thank them for providing the pull quote I used to title this post.

I’m not sure if this is a review or what, but they refer to me as a “journeyman up-and-comer”…and I’m not entirely sure what that’s supposed to mean either.

And finally, in podcast land, the folks at The Pull List Podcast liked us (episode #99), as did the guys at the Secret Identity Podcast (episode #188). The Comic News Insider podcast also gave us a positive mention (episode 226).

And while not a review, I had a nice interview with on the eve of the book’s release which you can read here.

And if you read the book and want a kind of-sort of “Director’s” commentary, check out this recent Re: Comics column over at

Anyway, I think that’s everything…I’ve tried to keep track over these past two weeks, but I may have let some slip through the cracks. Regardless, thanks again to all who’ve picked up X-BABIES #1. Issue two comes out on November 11th!