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X-BABIES: While You Wait…


X-BABIES #4, the final issue of the the X-Babies mini-series I’ve gone on and on about lo these past many months, won’t be out yet for another 30 days, on 1/27/2010. That’s 30 days on top of the past three weeks since issue three rocked the comic book reading masses to their core*! That’s a long wait. What are you supposed to do then if you want your X-Babies fix?

I could say re-read the first three, but surely you’ve done that more than once already. So instead I’m going to direct you over to the RE: COMICS! pieces I’ve been writing nearly weekly with Stephen Mayer over at

A week or so after each issue of X-Babies, we’ve gone behind the scenes a la DVD Directors’ commentaries. Want to know how page one of issue one came to be? Want to know which pages of #3 I did thumbnails for? Curious about which character bit of business, beloved by so many readers, was illustrator Jacob Chabot’s idea? Check out the commentary “tracks” here:

X-Babies #1


X-Babies #2


X-Babies #3


And remember, kids, X-BABIES #4 is out on 1/27/10.

Also, G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS #5, featuring the last chapter of “The Most Dangerous Donut” starring Pix, Teenage American Fairy, comes out the week before, 1/20/2010.

Good concluding comics in January, folks. Start your new year off right!

*claims of cores being rocked and how said cores were so rocked cannot be confirmed by any scientific proof or method; you might just have to take my word for it.