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Help PIX Win!

My graphic novel, PIX, Vol. 2: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL, was nominated in two categories of the Kids’ Comics Awards. It can win if enough kids and teens vote for it before June 16th. So if you’re reading this I ask you to kindly click the link below and vote for PIX in both its categories, “Favorite Author” and “Be Cool, Stay in School” (for books taking place in a school).


While you’re there, how about vote for SPONGEBOB COMICS in the “Funniest Comic” category, too…that’d be great.

The awards are given out at A2CAF in Ann Arbor, MI on 6/17, and it just so happens I’ll be there, so it’d be a shame to travel all that way and come home empty-handed, right?

That said, PIX is up against some tough competition in some great books, so I suppose it’s like they say; it’s an honor to be nominated.

Vote, vote, vote!


A Big PIX Update (with some history, too)

I’ve covered some of this over at, but in an effort to make this page about something more than Tom Cruise podcast episodes, I thought it worth putting some words down here.

In late 2014 I finally took Hatter Entertainment to the next level, self-published PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND under the Hatter Entertainment name. It was something I long wanted to do and it remains one of my proudest accomplishments of my professional career.

PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND in (better) Comic Stores TODAY!


PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND is now available in comic book shops everywhere, as of today! If your local comic shop was amongst those who chose to stock copies, please consider supporting them and buying a copy from said store. They took a chance on my book and I’d love to see people showing their support for that decision.

And if your store didn’t order copies, they still can through Diamond Comics backlist, using item number DEC141546.

Where’s your local comic store? Find out here.

You don’t have a local comic store? Well, then consider buying PIX from or on


And if you see PIX “in the wild”, snap a photo and send it to me (and/or post to social media with the hashtag #PixPics) and let me know the name of the store. I’d like to thank as many stores personally as I can!

Emerald City Comicon Approaches…

This coming weekend, March 4-6, I will be at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Washington. It’s a great convention with a whole slew of talented guests and participants. I recommend it!

I’ll be there sketching and talking and selling all kinds of goodies from copies of SPONGEBOB COMICS #1, X-BABIES comics, Puppet Hero prints, and a selection of original art and comics pages.

You’ll find me sitting at table G-09, seated alongside my usual convention pals, Chris Giarrusso and Jacob Chabot, to my right.

But wait, there’s more! Not only will I be exhibiting at the show, I’m also hosting a panel. Indeed, on Saturday, the 5th, at 4pm, I’ll be hosting “Super-Blank: The Game Show”, a version of the classic game show, The Match Game, complete with a panel of comics celebrities including Kurt Busiek, Chris Giarrusso, Kirby Krackle‘s Kyle Stevens, Raina Telgemeir, Dave Roman and more.

Still not enough? Well, the art you see above of Pix, Teenage American Fairy v. a Minotaur, is part of “Monsters & Dames”, a full-color, 9″x12″ hardcover art book featuring contributions from guests and artists of the 2011 Emerald City Comicon limited to 1000 individually numbered copies. Pick one up for $30.00 at the Emerald City Comicon Show booth. Moneys raised from sales of the books and an auction of the original art go to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

With all that going on, it’s a wonder if I’ll be able to make it to Top Pot Doughnuts…(spoiler alert: I will definitely be going to Top Pot Doughnuts).

X-BABIES: While You Wait…


X-BABIES #4, the final issue of the the X-Babies mini-series I’ve gone on and on about lo these past many months, won’t be out yet for another 30 days, on 1/27/2010. That’s 30 days on top of the past three weeks since issue three rocked the comic book reading masses to their core*! That’s a long wait. What are you supposed to do then if you want your X-Babies fix?

I just keep talking…

I’m still going on and on about X-Babies out there. And in the event that you don’t regularly do web searches of my name, I’ve gathered a few here so as to share.

First up, an interview on the appropriately named site, Lots of Interviews.

Next, I had a brief chat with Rachelle up in Nova Scotia from the always pleasant and comics-positive blog Living Between Wednesdays.

Thirdly, the audio of my appearance on Comic Book Club (along with Jacob Chabot) is available on iTunes or here, should you care to give that a listen (though for those not familiar with comics and without the visual, it could be…challenging).

Jesse Thorn over at Maximum Fun (PRI’s The Sound of Young America and a series of podcasts) kindly posted the reference I dropped to his “Jordan, Jesse, Go!” podcast in X-Babies #2.

And finally, a couple of video interviews, both from the weekend spent at Acme Comics in Greensboro last month. The first of these is an interview with Dylan O’Connor, a very savvy interviewer despite his age:

And here’s my post-show, wrap-up interview with Julie, who helped out at the event and brought us delicious cookies and brownies.

I can’t explain the color changes to my flesh in the two videos, though it might have something to do with the different cameras used. I can explain, however, my seeming ignoring of the camera in the second video, as I was working on the last sketches of the night and people were waiting on us to get dinner.

Oh, and that fella sitting to my left in the video, that’s Jacob Chabot, artist on X-Babies.

And if all that weren’t enough: G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS #4 is on sale today, 11/17. The penultimate issue (and it’s got not only three more pages of PIX: TEENAGE AMERICAN FAIRY, but an all-new SAFARI JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL comic in there too). It’s a good one!

The October Plan – 2009 Edition

As of today, we’re two weeks away from the release of X-BABIES #1. October 7, 2009. If you haven’t marked your calendars, mark ’em now!

But wait, that’s but one piece of the big October ahead. With the release of X-BABIES artist Jacob Chabot an I will be on a whirlwind mini-promotional tour, if you will.

On release day, 10/7, Jacob and I will be appearing at Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York City (4 West 33rd Street) from 6pm – 8pm, signing copies of our first issue. Drop by and say hello and buy a copy; we’ll sign it!

The weekend of 10/16 – 10/18, we, along with Chris Giarrusso and Tim Smith 3, will be in Artist Alley at the Big Apple Comic-Con at Pier 94 on 55th Street at 12 Avenue in NY. Jacob and I will be at Table 24, doing sketches and commissions as well as selling and signing copies of X-BABIES #1.

The weekend of 10/23 – 10/25, a whole mess of us cartoonist folks will be descending on Greensboro, NC for Acme Comics‘ the “G-MAN’S GREENSBORO CAPE CRISIS with Chris Giarrusso, Jacob Chabot, Gregg Schigiel, Brian Smith, and Art Balthazar” event. The folks at Acme have been big supporters of our work and are helping us celebrate and promote X-BABIES #1 as well as Chris Giarrusso’s G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS book (in which I’ve been doing the Pix: Teenage American Fairy back-up story). So if you’re in the vicinity of Greensboro, stop by. is also home to the weekly comics discussion column I write with Stephen Mayer, “Re: Comics”, in case you want to read more about what I think of stuff (recent discussions have included collected editions and original graphic novels, superhero cartoons, and Marvel Comics’ Star Comics imprint from the mid ’80s with characters featuring prominently in X-BABIES (see how it’s all connected?)).

And THEN, October’s capped off by an appearance by Jacob and I at The Peoples Improv Theater (The P.I.T.) on Tuesday, 10/27, as guests on Comic Book Club, “a weekly comic book talk show featuring the best comedians in New York talking shop with industry professionals from all corners of the comic book world.” I’d be considered an “industry professional”…not one of “the best comedians in New York”…in case that wasn’t clear. Tickets for that show are $5 and are available at the theater web site.

And that, folks, is October…at least until I have new announcements to make (anything’s possible).

In the meantime, as a prize for patiently getting through all of this self-promotional-promotion, here are some random panels from X-BABIES #1, colored by the very talented Emily Warren (think of this like a movie trailer but without any dialogue, soundtrack, or movement):


In the event you haven’t been paying attention (and shame on you for that), G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS #2 came out on September 9th, featuring Part 2 of the 5-part Pix: Teenage American Fairy story, “The Most Dangerous Donut”. Did you miss it? Well, go to a comic shop and get a copy. Come on, people!

Now that that’s out of the way…

A lot of people ask me what my process is for creating comics. And by “a lot of people” I mean hardly anyone if anyone at all, and by “ask what my process is” I mean people, when they ask, like to ask things like do I use a computer for everything now, do I also put the words in the “little bubbles”…things like that.

But regardless, I thought I’d take the time to give you a tour of how page 5 of “The Most Dangerous Donut” came to be.


It all starts with the writing. When I’m drawing my own story, the writing happens in three basic stages. First is all in my head, where I think about the story, picture pages in my mind’s eye, and figure out the basic beats and some of the dialogue and how it’ll all fit together once drawn.

Stage two is the layouts, and this is maybe the meatiest part of it. Here’s where I lay out the pages, panel-by panel, including a rough sense of dialogue and where it’ll go. Here are my initial layouts for page 5:

San Diego Comic-Con 2009: DONE.

Every year it comes, and every year you think you might be ready for it…but you never are.

The crowds and the scene in San Diego and at Comic-Con were once again bigger and more intense than the year prior. And again the same refrain was uttered: “It’s not even about comics anymore!” But, from where I was sitting in Artists Alley, comics were very much what it was about. Comics, comic art, superheroes… Way back in the southwest corner of the San Diego Convention Center – hundreds of feet from the big booths and displays set up by the various television and movie studios and video game companies – people were into getting sketches drawn of their favorite characters and meeting and chatting with the guys and gals who create the comics.

At least, that’s how it felt from where I was sitting:

aatable_pov(POV from my table in Artists Alley – A moment of calm – Sunday, 7/26/09)