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Author: Gregg

Dr. Kitchenstein Presents: Cookie Salad

Some of you have read or heard me talk about All-Hallow’s Giving (and if you haven’t, you can here). But what you might not know is that’s not my only made-up holiday/event/excuse to get creative in the kitchen. For a while I’d host thematic New Years Eve gatherings, for example. And for the past four years now, I’ve had folks over to play a home version of The Match Game. In that instance I once again take to the kitchen wherein I put together variations on Macaroni & Cheese and present a bevvy of cookies.

Which brings us to this: Cookie Salad:


(extreme close-up, detail view)

What is it? How’s it made? And most important, how’s it taste?

Free Comic Book Day

The first Saturday in May is and has been, for the past several years, “Free Comic Book Day“. This means that you could go into any participating comic book store and they’ll have a selection of comics available…FREE.

Over the years, FCBD has become a bigger and bigger event, with publishers generating original content and comic book shops putting together events, promotions and sales to commemorate and maximize the event, including participation and appearances by comics creators.

For example, a store mentioned on this here site more than once, Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC, has become well known for their FCBD events, bringing in a slew of writers and artists and drawing huge crowds.

To that end, this coming Saturday, May 1, check out your local comic book shop and see what’s going on. At the very least you’ll get some free comics. At the very best it’ll be like a miniature convention. And if you’re in or near Bloomfield, NJ, stop by The Comic Book Market (28 Washington Street), where I’ll be alongside my pal and co-conspirator on X-BABIES, Jacob Chabot, signin’ and sketchin’.

And if you don’t know where your local comics shop is, well, click here to find it!


Coming up this weekend, 4/2-4/4, I’ll be at Wonder-Con in San Francisco alongside pal and fellow cartoonist Chris Giarrusso. If you’re out there, stop by and say hello. You can fund us in Artist Alley, table 45. I’ll be doing sketches and I’ll have copies of X-BABIES as well as some Batman and Superman chapter books, mini-comics, and a brand new set of prints that may or may not take the world of fictional character fans by storm. Dig ’em:



And yes, as a matter of fact they do line up side-by-side.

See you in San Francisco…


This weekend, March 12-14th, I’ll be in Artists Alley at MegaCon in Orlando. I’d love to tell you exactly where, but as of this post I don’t yet know my table assignment.

I do know I’ll be sitting alongside Chris Giarrusso and collectively we’ll have all the X-Babies, G-Man, and Mini-Marvels you could ask for…I think.

Also this weekend, if you’re on the left coast, is the Emerald City ComiCon. That’s a great show and if you’re in Seattle I say check it out. Tell ’em I sent ya!

And in about two weeks I’ll be on the west coast at WonderCon in San Francisco…

SpongeBob SquarePants & Me: A Love Story

I have been drawing SpongeBob SquarePants professionally, with varying degrees of success, for ten years now as of today.


February 14, 2000 was my very first day working for Nickelodeon as part of Nickelodeon Creative Resources (AKA: NCR). And it was on that day I got my first real exposure to the now still mega-popular SpongeBob SquarePants.

That day I saw what was for me my first episode of “SpongeBob SquarePants”, and considering the date it was no coincidence the episode we watched was episode 16a, “Valentine’s Day”.

Ten Years Ago, Today.

January 28, 2000 marked my last day working as an assistant editor at Marvel Comics.

I started there, first as an intern in the summer of 1996…followed by my first work as a freelance penciler a year later on WHAT IF? #104…and then joined the staff as Tom Brevoort’s assistant in October 1997.

In the two-plus years I was there I had the joy and honor of working on some of the best titles with some of the greatest talents in the field and an overall amazing crew at Marvel itself, from my fellow editorial staff to the production team in the Marvelous Marvel Bullpen to the folks in manufacturing, accounting, online, advertising and creative services. And I even got to draw a comic book here and there, when the opportunities and time permitted. To this day, so many years later, I think back on great memories of my time at Marvel Comics.

I thought it might be fun, upon reflection, to tell a few stories or make note of things I recall from my time.


Just over a year ago (1/19/09) I sent in a pitch for an X-Babies mini-series. Tomorrow, 1/27/10, the final issue of that mini-series will hit comic book store shelves. And the world will never be the same! That, or it’ll go right back to normal. Hard to say.

But yes, tomorrow you’ll finally see how it all shakes out. Will the X-Babies reclaim their top-spot as stars on Mojo TV? Will Mr. Veech’s Adorable X-Babies outnumber and out-power the real X-Babies? And what of the revived Star Comics characters, what happens to them?

If you’re remotely curious…or just want to see a comic book where Jacob Chabot draws adorable versions of every single X-Man character ever, check out X-BABIES #4!


Meanwhile, I found this out on the internet and thought it, what with my love of cake, too cool not to share:

Mae Makes Cakes!

Yeah, a cake based on the cover art to X-BABIES #4. That’s way cool.

PS – If you haven’t picked it up, G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS #5, co-featuring my finale to the Pix, Teenage American Fairy story “The Most Dangerous Donut”, is out now. Pick it up tomorrow when you race to pick up X-BABIES #4.

X-BABIES: While You Wait…


X-BABIES #4, the final issue of the the X-Babies mini-series I’ve gone on and on about lo these past many months, won’t be out yet for another 30 days, on 1/27/2010. That’s 30 days on top of the past three weeks since issue three rocked the comic book reading masses to their core*! That’s a long wait. What are you supposed to do then if you want your X-Babies fix?

Imp or Oaf?

If you have an iPhone and/or iPod touch or any other such device wherein you can play iPhone apps and games, I suggest and recommend you check out “Imp or Oaf?”, available now on the iTunes app store.


Why? First, it’s a fun little game with simple yet addictive game play, distinct and original art, and great music. Second, because the creators of the game, Rob Lemon and Craig Chin, are good friends of mine and since I don’t have an iPhone/iPod Touch, I choose to support them by spreading the word. Third, it’s taking the world by storm if we can base the world on iTunes reviews and the like. Fourth, it’s 99 cents. I have the gall to push a $4 single comic book I’ve written…99 cents, that’s like…that’s not even $1.

“Imp of Oaf?” It’s like the Tickle-Me Elmo of 2009-2010. Check it out.


“Imp or Oaf?” developed by Gilded Skull Games.