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As mentioned two posts ago, the ongoing feature here of Stick Figure Night Live comics have spawned their very own “spin-off” site, appropriately named

While I’ll continue to upload the comics where they’ve been posted here (click “Comics” above), at, you’ll also get the occasional “commentary track” talking about the process behind the comics, thoughts I had at the time, etc.

Maybe, just maybe, it’ll take off in that viral way that somehow…I don’t know, begets something else…?

In the meantime, check it out…and come back here for other stuff. I’ll be talking about SpongeBob Comics and Ninja Turtles comics soon.

Stick Figure Night Live #4

Fourth episode of Saturday Night Live means a new “Stick Figure Night Live” comic!

Read the whole thing here.

And with this fourth edition comes EXTRA news:

Stick Figure Night Live got a Twitter shout out from the SNL Weekend Update Twitter feed; check it out:

So if you’re a Twitterer, follow @SNLUpdate. I am not, so I’ll just say thanks, Scott!

And hopefully soon I’ll have a whole new, separate site for Stick Figure Night Live comics…more news as it happens.

Stick Figure Night Live! #1

I’m going to try a new feature here wherein each week I present “Stick Figure Night Live”, a recap/review/commentary on that weeks’ Saturday Night Live episode. I’ve been a watcher and fan of the show since I was old enough to watch it, in all of its highs and lows.

What’s a stick figure recap/review/commentary? Well, here’s the SNL Cold Open from this past weekend:

In keeping with the live aspect of the show, this comic was done as I watched, during commercial breaks, etc. In full disclosure there were momentary pauses so I could get everything down and I did a bit of aesthetic clean-up digitally.

Curious? Interested? Entertained? Angered? Click here for the complete Stick Figure Night Live! #1, starring Amy Poehler and Katy Perry.